Welcome to the fourth newsletter of LOGISTAR project! This newsletter will inform you about the latest activities and advances in the project.

LOGISTAR is facing its last year of execution and during these last months the consortium team has continued working hard despite the difficulties and restrictions caused by the COVID-19.

A new partner has joined the project, CHEP, which will test LOGISTAR solution at its Service Centre in Fuenlabrada (Spain). CHEP aims at developing and testing the use of its real-time positioning and order planning data in order to feed the LOGISTAR system, so as to calculate an accurate ETA of its vehicles and enable re-planning between different network nodes. This Living Lab will address and prevent cascading transport delays between the pallet network nodes that currently are a big impediment for LTL horizontal collaboration (i.e. freight consolidation) at the hub site.

In addition to these, a Virtual Living Lab based on historic data from real supply chain operations will be set by Ahlers. It will allow to implement stress test over the solution, contemplating disrupting situations or demand patterns rarely seen, with the benefit of testing the proper operation of the system under adverse situations.

During summer and autumn, the first testing activities of the technical subsystems with the stakeholder partners took place remotely due to COVID-19 mobility restrictions. Nevertheless, interesting points came up towards the improvement of the modules.

In parallel, the final design of the system architecture was defined and the integration and development tasks are ongoing and we are now close to having a first prototype of the LOGISTAR system integrated.

Finally, in December 2020 the third LOGISTAR’s Users’ Board meeting took place. Around 30 experts including LOGISTAR partners and external Users’ Board members discussed the more recent advances of the project. The sessions included the outcomes from a strategic analysis carried out involving 15 companies who had provided detailed movement data; the different business models that are being explored for LOGISTAR; the explanation of the user interfaces developed and the system set-up; and the point of view of the stakeholder partners involved in each Living Lab.

The Consortium is looking forward to 2021 when LOGISTAR system will be finished and tested under real conditions in the three Living Labs.

LOGISTAR team takes the opportunity to wish you a very happy new year!