Genesis G

Genesis G

GeneGIS GI is an Italian SME that operates for over a decade in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and more generally, in the field of geospatial computer applications, developing custom projects for every need. The company’s mission is to create specialized solutions aimed to the integration of geographic and spatial information in company information systems, at any scale and level of detail, contributing to the greater competitiveness of its clients. GeneGIS GI covers the entire projects’ life cycle (from requirements’ analysis to AM) providing a full range of high value services in the Geo-ICT sector, operating in areas such as: Logistics and Transportation, Energy and Utilities, Environment and Natural Resources, Local&Central government and Cultural Heritage. GeneGIS GI provides technologies for data detection, processing and exploitation of geospatial information at enterprise level:

  • Data Detection and Surveying (aerial mapping and UAV, GPS/GNSS & Smart surveying, photogrammetry, laser scanning, EO and remote sensing);
  • Data Automation and Integration (Geodata processing, Spatial ETL and dataflow automation, Geodatabase Design/Integration and application connection);
  • Systems Design and Development (Custom applications and System integration, Cloud Services & Location Based Services, AM, Helpdesk, Training and capacity building).


Within LOGISTAR project, GeneGIS GI is mainly contributing to two aspects of the platform development, both related to the ICT design and development of the services intended to be offered as project goals and leveraging on the company’s 20 years worldwide experience in designing and developing advanced, innovative geospatial-oriented software solutions applied to several areas of interest such as Transportation&Logistics or Cold Chain monitoring. The two main technical focus are related to:

  • Geographical Information Module design, development and integration within the LOGISTAR platform;
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing of the LOGISTAR Platform.


GeneGIS GI is also involved in dissemination and other activities in cooperation with other partners. The achievement of the project results will allow GeneGIS GI to increase its technical potential to extend the capacity for commercial impact on the reference markets.