Welcome to the third newsletter of LOGISTAR project!

LOGISTAR has already been running already for almost 2 years since June 2018. This newsletter will inform you about the latest activities and advances in the project.

The data acquisition pipelines for the identified data sources which provide almost real-time data in the platform, enable pre-processing and define the data collection principles have been designed and are almost fully deployed.

The first versions of the different subsystems that compose LOGISTAR, being this: module for prediction of timings in the logistic network and events, global optimization module for the planning of resources and the automated negotiation and re-optimisation module basing on the real time events and incidents have been already developed. In addition to this, the deployment of the technical infrastructure of the LOGISTAR platform has started, basic components have been installed and configured and the main communication infrastructure is up and running

The first testing activities of the different subsystems on the different Living Labs have had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis but they will be resumed after summer.

In March 2020 took place the first of a series of webinars with LOGISTAR’s Users’ Board that will be organised periodically in order to share and discuss the project outcomes. On this occasion the findings of the project related to the users’ requirements, data driven business opportunities identified and data sharing, storage and security aspects were explained to an audience of more than 30 experts who provided very interesting feedback.

Currently the consortium is working on the final architecture design and on the integration of the different modules into a first prototype of the LOGISTAR system.