First Users’ Board Webinar 9th March 2020

First Users’ Board Webinar 9th March 2020

As part of the plan to involve potential users’ of the LOGISTAR services in the network of the project and share with them how the project evolves, on 9th March took place a webinar with the LOGISTAR Users Board.

This first webinar was addressed to present the findings of the project so far with focus on the users’ requirements collected, the data driven business opportunities identified and data sharing, storage and security aspects.

Deusto, Preston, Ahlers and Semantic Web Company provided explanations on these topics and discussed with the attendees about the potential data integration and exploitation and how to link LOGISTAR with other related projects to get mutual benefits and bring projects’ outcomes to a further level.

More than 30 people, mix of experts from different fields such as academia, FMCG, consultancy or ICT sectors attended the webinar and the feedback was very positive.

“Many thanks for inviting me to join the webinar this afternoon.  This webinar gave me a very useful insight into the LOGISTAR project. You are doing some really interesting work and taking the Starfish and CO3 work to a new level” Alan McKinnon (Kuehne Logistics University)

“Thanks for an excellent webinar! Will chase the thesis” Alan Waller (ELUPEG)

This was the first of a set of periodic webinars that will periodically be organized to share and discuss with the interested stakeholders the results of the project.

If you are not yet part of the Users and Advisory Board contact us (Andrew Palmer , Users’ Board chairman)

The presentation discussed during the webinar is available on the LOGISTAR’s website at the following link: