The Codognotto Group is a logistics and transport company operating in over 20 countries with 50 offices. The brand has been well known since the first company of the Codognotto family was founded after the second world war. In 1975, its place was taken by the current Holding and the Group started internationalizing by investing in infrastructure, technologies and human resources. Today the Codognotto is seen as one of the leaders of the industry, showing incredible strength when faced with new challenges and innovation. In the last ten years, the Group has changed from a simple road transport operator to a MTO, ables to manage all modes of transport thanks to 3 different Business Units devoted to Air&Ocean, Full Truck Load & Intermodal, Logistics & Distribution.

As a distinctive element on the market, the Group proposes itself as a driver of innovation and a driving force behind change processes. By way of example, Codognotto has been involved so far in 12 EU funded projects on R&I (e.g. Horizon 2020, Connecting Europe Facility, Interreg, ERDF, …), mostly dedicated to digitalisation and IT development of innovative solutions to improve the operational standards in the transport and logistic sector, along with the deployment of alternative fuels for heavy-duty road haulage. Accordingly, Codognotto has become a full member of the European Technology Platform ALICE and of the Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (DTLF), established by the EU Commission.

The role of Codognotto in the LOGISTAR project is varied. The Group will support technical partners in designing and developing a set of user requirements. On this basis, Codognotto will provide support in defining the functionalities to be developed by providing information and the vision of a modern transport&logistics operator about market evolution, along with its needs and expectations in terms of innovation relating to the concept of synchromodality.

Codognotto will actively contributes to the designing of the Italian living lab, its set-up and implementation. Its outcomes will be monitored, assessed and evaluated internally and at consortium level to verify the achievement of the expected goals and the further capitalisation and impact, both at company level and along the supply chain.

Codognotto will also support and assist in the whole dissemination process in occasion of meetings, workshops and contributing to papers, in line with the foreseen exploitation plan.