DunavNET was established in 2005 in Novi Sad, Serbia, with an office in Dublin, Ireland. It employs 40 people, mainly telecommunications, computer science and software engineers. The company is focused on creating Internet of Things based solutions for smart city and smart agriculture domains. The company has successfully implemented numerous scientific and innovative projects in cooperation with a large number of partners from Europe and the world. The knowledge and experience gained from these projects has been utilized and built upon to upgrade existing and develop new commercial turnkey solutions for horizontal B2B market. As a long-standing Microsoft partner for IoT and cloud technologies, DunavNET builds its solutions on the Azure platform, providing added scalability, cost-effectiveness, reliability and security.

In H2020 LOGISTAR project, DunavNET is focused on development of mechanisms, techniques and enablers to allow the large-scale, multi-faceted, real-time data in real logistics networks. As the utilization of IoT in logistics generates a lot of data coming from different sources and require big data analytics, DunavNET enablers will ease collection, pre-processing and prediction of the likelihood of an event, thus, enabling the business decision based on AI, data volume, value, velocity, and veracity. The insight into the transportation process will facilitate technical enablers from our commercial solutions for fleet management and monitoring of the supply chain. The project will provide a new versatile set of use cases and sharing of assets different actors in the ecosystem providing new market opportunities on the logistic information services sector. The developed technology used by the stakeholders in the project will enable new business models focused on data and high value service delivery allowing “sharing” of transport assets to find the most profitable exploitation strategy for the actors.