6th Annual International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC)

6th Annual International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC)

The 6th Annual International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) will take place in London during a 3-day conference starting 9th July.

The International Physical Internet Conference 2019 aims to provide an open forum for researchers, industry representatives, government officials and citizens to together explore, discuss, introduce leading edge concepts, methodologies, recent projects, technological advancements, start-up initiatives, for current and future Physical Internet implementation.

LOGISTAR will organise in the framework of the conference its first Users’ Board workshop with the aim of introducing the project to a wider audience who can provide diverse thoughts and ideas about LOGISTAR approach and can objectively consider the way the project intends to develop the system to meet the needs of a user community.

The attendees will be asked to provide guidance as to the project’s direction and will promote the project by encouraging and supporting the exploration of new ideas. It will also enable consortium partners to establish direct contact with representatives from selected companies to strengthen the business relevance of the outputs. This will help the consortium partners to gain valuable market feedback for the further development and success of the project.

More information at: https://www.pi.events/