Preston Solutions

Preston Solutions Ltd was incorporated in 1999 and has two divisions: systems engineering and supply chain planning. The supply chain planning division is run by Dr Andrew Palmer who has 30 years experience and is a renowned expert in logistics network design. We provide strategic modelling and logistics consultancy to a wide range of commercial and government organisations. We specialise in sustainable strategic physical supply chain network design focussing on optimising cost, service levels and environmental impact. We have unique strategic and tactical software modelling tools in our portfolio which can rapidly analyse and evaluate logistics networks, and provide robust practical solutions covering:

  • Identification of optimal logistic locations
  • Sustainability implications
  • Assessment of different logistics facilities such as consolidation centres, with sizes and arrangements
  • Assessment of distribution channels and optimal flows
  • Collaboration opportunities including backhauling and consolidation
  • Evaluation of factory gate pricing arrangements
  • Effect of different delivery time criteria
  • Optimal boundaries and allocations
  • Effect of alternative sourcing
  • Assessment of alternative types of vehicles and fuels
  • Effect of different delivery frequencies and vehicle loading
  • Assessment of service levels
  • Assessment of alternative transport modes (road, rail, sea, air)
  • Effect of future activity on a logistics network


The role of Preston Solutions Ltd in the LOGISTAR project are varied. One is to establish a set of user requirements and from this, define the functionalities to be developed. This will be achieved by interviewing a wide range of shippers to understand their supply chain networks and transport operations and the systems they use to support this. In addition, the company will be involved in a strategic assessment of company flow data to identify supply chain efficiencies and collaboration opportunities. The final role in the project involves user engagement and the definition of the use cases. The outcomes from the use cases will be monitored and assessed as to whether they have achieved their goals, with opportunities for business improvement and further use cases identified. Preston Solutions will also assist in the dissemination process with talks at various conferences and workshops, publication of papers and general support for the exploitation plan.

This work will enable the LOGISTAR system to be developed to meet the needs of companies to help them achieve significant transport efficiencies, not only in reducing costs, but also benefiting the environment. It will also encourage users to become more involved in the project and to apply the system in a real-world environment.